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We are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest premium eJuice line from the USA, Lazarus Vintage. For those of you who are not familiar with Lazarus Vintage, they are hugely popular in the USA primarily due to the complexity, uniqueness and quality of their flavours. Most often compared to Five Pawns in their artisan packaging and flavour profiles, Lazarus Vintage eJuices will impress even the most discerning vaper. View Lazarus Vintage eJuices


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Bravado (Perfect Steep)

A rich and creamy cocoa tobacco blend steeped to perfection! BRAVADO IS ON SALE FOR...

Details $4.95

Horus (Lazarus Vintage)

The depth of this sultry elixir is found in the sweet caramel and brown sugar glaz...

Details $26.95

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Health Effects of Vaping & Second Hand Vapour

Source: Mount Baker Vapor

Today we will be discussing the health effects of vaping vs. smoking, and vaping in public places. There is a lot of information, much of it conflicting about the health effects of vaping and 2nd hand vape. Let’s look at the concerns and what the leading researchers in the field are saying in response.

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Liquid eJuice Now Available

Liquid eJuice is one of Canada's finest eJuice manufacturers. From their sterile mixing rooms and professional laboratory / bottling equipment to their quality assurance processes and premium ingredients, you can be assured of the highest quality product. Liquid eJuice creates some of the very best custard and fruit flavours and is at par with many of the best US eJuice brands.

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Grandmaster (Five Pawns)

Smooth creamy peanut butter with banana cream and balanced with velvety caramel. But...

Details $29.95

Cairo (Lazarus Vintage)

This elixir starts with a rush of confection sugar and begins to take you on a jou...

Details $26.95

Timz French Vanilla (MLV)

Just like a fresh Tim Horton's French Vanilla. Specifications: Manufacturer ...

Details $15.95

Fight Your Fate (King's Crown)

We think certain moments in time are fixed, perfect, and precious. This beautifully...

Details $26.95

The O.B. (Suicide Bunny)

The Original Bunny, aka The O.B. is complex and delicious blend of rich, clean cream...

Details $26.95

Gorilla Juice (Alien Visions)

A bold and robust tobacco flavor with a splash of banana. Our Thoughts: Just whe...

Details $4.95

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