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Patiently crafted and cold extracted in small batches using distinct blends of real tobacco leaves, with no artificial flavors, colors, dyes or chemical additives, Black Note is Naturally Extracted Tobacco Vapor Liquid at its finest.

Black Note Vapor Liquid does not contain any laboratory conducted synthetic compounds associated with artificial flavors and sweeteners or chemical additives, the likes of Diacetyl, Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol, Acrolein or Acetoin.

Black Note decided to back up their claims by being the First and Only N.E.T. Vapor Liquid Company in the world to provide a lab report, completed by an Independent United States Laboratory.

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    Castle Long Reserve - Edition IV (Five Pawns)

    Castle Long Reserve has been aged and steeped in a treated oak barrel for three week...

    Details $47.50

    Sir James XO 1776 (Lazarus Vintage)

    To say that Master Chef has taken the VSOP to a "sweeter, more maturely refined prof...

    Details $59.95

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    Castle Long Reserve (Edition IV) Has Arrived

    This long awaited and highly acclaimed eJuice has finally arrived!

    Castle Long Reserve has been aged and steeped in a treated oak barrel for three weeks.  This is the only batch that will be created for 2015, so get yours now while their still in-stock.

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    Black Note Sweepstakes Winner

    Congratulations to Douglas P. from Victoria, BC on winning our Black Note Sweepstakes in May!  We hope you enjoy your new sample set of Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco Vapor Liquids.   Click here for more information on Black Note.

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    Forte (Black Note)

    Cultivated in the fertile volcanic soils around Naples, our burley is ripened by th...

    Details $35.99

    The Notebook (Black Note)

    A sampler of all eight Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco blends.  A harmonious...

    Details $71.99

    Bravado (Perfect Steep)

    A rich and creamy cocoa tobacco blend steeped to perfection! Our Thoughts: Bravado...

    Details $29.95

    Arise (Cloud by Suicide Bunny)

    Birthed from the fan-favorite Mothers Milk, Arise is a pleasant twist on the origina...

    Details $28.95

    The Legend (Vintage e-Liquids)

    A legendary classic tobacco blend, with an added dose of sweet caramel and a dash o...

    Details $15.95

    Texas Dollie (High Roller Sweets)

    Inspired to make a new flavor for the new season, Texas Dollie combines raspberry w...

    Details $31.99

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