VapoWire eJuice Accessories VapoWire Kanthal A1 (30ft)
VapoWire eJuice Accessories VapoWire Kanthal A1 (30ft)
$11.95 CAD

VapoWire Kanthal A1 (30ft)

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Each box comes with 30 feet of premium VapoWire Kanthal A1 wire in your size and shape of choice.

VapoWire is the industry's leading supplier of resistance wire for the rebuild-able electronic cigarette market. 100% Made in the USA. Our spools are 100% machine wound and come conveniently packaged for storage and display. Our production process ensures that the presence of contaminants typically resulting from manual handling and spooling are kept to a minimum - ensuring maximum wire life and the highest quality vaping experience. 


Rebuildable atomizers are for advanced vapers only and should not be used by anyone without the knowledge of how to rebuild safely. All rebuildable atomizers should be tested carefully with a multimeter/ohm meter before use. Failure to test properly can result in physical injury.

Please use at your own risk.

Due to the nature of this product there is no warranty.



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