The Classical Notebook (Black Note)
The Classical Notebook (Black Note)
The Classical Notebook (Black Note)
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The Classical Notebook (Black Note)

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Black Note vaping liquids provide a symphony for the senses, and we’ve ensured the greatest variety of sensations with our Four Score collection. Here you’ll find a sampling of four different tobacco blends, each presenting its distinctly unique flair: the light, bright Prelude; the subtly sweet Forte; the robust Sonata; and the earthy, smooth Legato. Whether you start with the light, bright higher notes or go straight for the lower tones, your senses will be treated to a memorable performance.

Contents: 4 (four) 10 ml bottles (Prelude, Legato, Forte and Sonata)

Manufacturer Black Note
Formula 50/50 PG/VG
Size 40ml (4 x 10 ml Bottles



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