Flavor Switch (Coil Cleaner)
Flavor Switch (Coil Cleaner)
Flavor Switch (Coil Cleaner)
$11.99 CAD

Flavor Switch (Coil Cleaner)

Stop throwing away your atomizers / coils or re-wicking your cotton when you want to switch flavors.  Now you can a few drops of Flavor Switch to your coil / cotton and vape it until the flavor disappears. This is especially useful when tasting new eJuice samples that you are unsure you will enjoy.

Flavor Switch is made of Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol and a mix of 2 proprietary natural flavours that neutralize all previous flavors. It is 100% natural and safe for vaping.

  • Eliminates all previous flavors from your tank and coil
  • No need to waste time replacing your cotton
  • Saves you money from buying new coils
  • 100% vape safe
  • Made in Canada
  • TPD compliant

FlavorSwitch Coil Cleaner



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