Lazarus Vintage eJuice A'kar (Lazarus Vintage)
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A'kar (Lazarus Vintage)

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M. Chef Bruce has recreated the tasteful moment when you are first taken by the silky layers of a soft creamy velvet cake. The creamy sweetness of this elixir is spectacular, and “amazing” would be an understatement.


Manufacturer Lazarus Vintage
Formula Unconfirmed pg/vg blend - Between 5% and 20% PG
Size 30ml
Manufacturer's Comments

The 7 Wonders and Valley of The Kings line contains between 5% and 20% PG, depending on the flavor and nicotine strength. We use only Kosher VG and the highest quality PG based nicotine for all of our fine liquids.

How do you open the waxed cap?

Simply twist the cap open as you would a soda bottle. The wax will easily break with a hairline crack below the cap and can be re-attached without being very noticeable. The wax is made of vegetable resin and is completely safe if accidentally consumed, all though we do not recommend the flavor.  The wax is soft, so if you wish to use a dripper top, you may simply screw on a standard dripper without removing the bottle wax. 

IMPORTANT:  This product does not come with a dropper cap. You can purchase dropper caps here.



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