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Private Stock No.1 (Maddog Juice)

A subtle oak flavour is infused in this smooth tobacco blend then drizzled with caramel and roasted nuts, finished with influences of the finest tobacco's from around the world. Specifications:...

$16.99 CAD

No.6 Golden Leaf Cigar (Tabacci)

Cigar bar meets sugar shack with this syrupy treat that marries a favourite maple flavour to a complex tobacco with satisfying spice, nut, cocoa and caramel notes that keep you...

$26.99 CAD

Woodsy Blend (Royal Seven)

An open campfire under the night sky is the perfect companion for this nutty dry tobacco. Feel yourself unwind and just go with wherever it takes you. Specifications: Manufacturer Royal...

$24.99 CAD

General Jackson (Truebacco)

President Andrew Jackson loved to smoke his tobacco. According to the people in his hometown of Nashville, he favored the Burley variety, which is grown abundantly in the Tennessee and...

$39.99 CAD
$49.99 CAD

Platinum (Marc Theriault)

Roasted nut custard tobacco Specifications: Manufacturer Marc Theriault Formula 77.7% VG Size 60ml

$29.99 CAD

6 am (Chateau Noir)

Barrel Aged Light roasted almond coffee topped with Meringue Buttercream vanilla. Specifications: Manufacturer Chateau Noir Formula 80/20 VG/PG Size 60ml

$29.99 CAD

Morning (Chateau Noir)

Light roasted coffee with hints of hazelnut and sweet creams, topped with smoked pecans. Specifications: Manufacturer Chateau Noir Formula 80/20 VG/PG Size 60ml

$29.99 CAD

Trinity Reserve (Lazarus Vintage)

Per­haps one of the most incred­i­ble won­ders, Trin­ity is com­posed of silky smooth bour­bon that has been slowly lay­ered in roasted nuts. The crème of this cap­ti­vat­ing fla­vor has quickly...

$39.99 CAD

Castle Long Reserve VII - 2018 Edition (Five Pawns)

Castle Long Reserve has been aged and steeped in a treated oak barrel for three weeks.  You’ll taste toasted coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, two different vanillas (Madagascar vanilla bean and...

$49.99 CAD

Castle Long (Five Pawns)

Our non-barrel aged version is a combination of the dark, refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon, accented with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean, and laced with a caramelized brown...

$39.99 CAD

Grandmaster (Five Pawns)

Smooth creamy peanut butter with banana cream and balanced with velvety caramel. Buttery and smooth with a medium bodied throat hit. Our Thoughts: Grandmaster is an extremely complex layered vape...

$39.99 CAD




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