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Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is an all-in-one pod system/vaporizer. The Evolve 2.0 allows you to change between e-juices, oils and concentrates with its easily removable pods. The Yocan Evolve 2.0...

$29.95 CAD

Randy's 510 Threaded Pen Style Battery (380mAh)

A slim 380 mAh 510 Battery for portable use with thick oil atomizers. Three variable voltage settings (2.8V, 3.3V, 3.8V) for a wide range of vapor control. A 12 second...

$9.99 CAD

Grenco Science Nova Vaporizer

G Pen Nova Lightweight and sleek, the G Pen Nova boasts a dual-use tank that is compatible with dry herb and concentrates. Three heat settings provide session customization and deliver...

$49.99 CAD

Puffco Pro 2 Herbal Vaporizer

Puffco Pro 2 Puffco Pro 2 is a portable vaporizer pen for concentrates that features a single ceramic coil that produces large clouds of pure vapor. The quality and taste...

$89.99 CAD
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Hydrology 9 Herbal Vaporizer

Hydrology 9 Cloudious is shaking up the industry with the revolutionary Hydrology 9 portable vaporizer. Meticulous craftsmanship is an instant indicator that the Hydrology 9 is a portable vape like...

$329.99 CAD

Arizer Argo Dry Herb Vaporizer

Engineered with convection heating and built with a ceramic, glass and stainless steel air path, the ArGo delivers optimal vapor; this specific heating protects the integrity and flavor of your...

$269.99 CAD

Migvapor Herb-E Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer

From the same company that brought us the Sub Herb Tank, and the Brain Fogger, comes a nice entry level, compact cannabis vaporizer for someone looking to switch from combustion...

$59.99 CAD

Ploom PAX 3 Vaporizer (Complete Kit)

The PAX 3 is a portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer from PAX Labs. This is the third iteration of the very popular Pax line and it continues to improve...

$299.99 CAD
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$319.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Brain Fogger

The Brain Fogger wax pen atomizer offers unprecedented performance and control in the world of vaping concentrates. With our new Reverse Stacked Coil design, it will melt the concentrates on the...

$39.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Black Sub-Herb Tank

The new Black Sub-Herb vape tank is a one of a kind new and advanced dry herb and concentrate vaping device that is one of our hottest sellers.Improvements include: Improved...

$44.99 CAD

Crafty Portable Vaporizer - Storz and Bickel

The CRAFTY’s compact construction includes a robust single rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery to Power the CRAFTY which is complemented by a practical one button control: You turn on the CRAFTY with...

$369.99 CAD

Vivant DAbox Water Filter

Vivant specially designed this portable glass water filter to take the performance of the DABOX to the next level. You will experience significantly smoother and cleaner hits than ever before...

$29.95 CAD
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Vivant DAbox Replacement Coils (4/PK)

The Vivant Dabox Dual Quartz Coil is an Original (OEM) replacement coil for your DAbOX vaporizer. Featuring Dual Quartz Rods providing a good balance of flavor and vapor. Get extras...

$16.95 CAD

Vivant DAbox Silicone Splash Guard Cover

The Vivant Dabox Silicone Splash Guard cover is an Original (OEM) replacement part for your DAbOX vaporizer. It stops material from splashing up in to the glass chamber. Get extras...

$1.25 CAD
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Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Balloon (6 pack)

Includes: 6 food grade bags/balloons. Note: Glass mouthpieces NOT included.

$14.99 CAD

Arizer Extreme Q Kit

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.The Extreme Q is the latest model from Arizer; it is easy to use, very efficient and tastes great. Every feature you could want and more. Do...

$204.99 CAD

Vivant DAbox Starter Kit

Vivant Dabox Wax Vaporizer The Dabox Vaporizer is a portable, hard hitting and affordable battery powered extract / wax vaporizer. Vivant DAbOX is currently one of the Most Powerful Portable...

$69.99 CAD
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Vivant RIFT Starter Kit

Vivant RIFT Vaporizer w/ 3 Bowls Hybrid Convection & Conduction Heating Dry Herb AND Concentrate AND Mixture Vape Starter Kit 80W OF POWERFUL HYBRID HEATING AT YOUR FINGER TIP VIVANT...

$259.95 CAD




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