Vintage e-Liquids


As fellow members of the vaping community, Vintage E-Liquids was founded on the time-honored principles of dedication to excellence, passion for innovation, and the utilization of only the highest quality of ingredients.

Our commitment to innovation is why the Vintage E-Liquids Team spent two years researching and creating our e-liquid flavors, and developing the ideal dispenser to compliment them.

The result is our patented and original "One Flick" e-liquid dispenser.

Both sleek and functional, the stylish design fits into any pocket size space, while its "One Flick" operation allows you to quickly and effortlessly refill your RDAs, RBAs, and standard tanks.

Vintage E-Liquid Review

The Lover (Vintage e-Liquids)

Love is in the air with a refreshing trifecta of papaya, orange, and guava. Sweet and delicious, it's truly a perfect fusion of flavor you will fall in love with....

$9.99 CAD
$15.95 CAD

The Seeker (Vintage e-Liquids)

Embrace this enchanting blend of ripe winter pears and lightly toasted almonds, fused together in a sweet golden union. The Seeker will guide you to an enlightened sense of flavor....

$9.99 CAD
$15.95 CAD



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