Arizer eJuice Accessories Arizer Extreme Q Kit
Arizer Extreme Q Kit eJuice Accessories
Arizer eJuice Accessories Arizer Extreme Q Kit
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Arizer Extreme Q Kit

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Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.
The Extreme Q is the latest model from Arizer; it is easy to use, very efficient and tastes great.

Every feature you could want and more. Do you prefer direct flow or like inflating bags, the Extreme Q has it all.


  • Wherever possible the strongest highest quality glass parts are used.
  • The bowl stands vertically allowing the air to be distributed evenly and efficiently releasing the full flavor and potency.
  • The Extreme operates with incredible precision. The beautiful LCD display shows the actual temperature and preset temp.
  • Ceramic Heater with lifetime warranty.
  • Long whip ensures COOL, SMOOTH, TASTY vapor. Made from real food/medical grade tubing.
  • Detachable Balloon System detaches from the unit giving you freedom of movement, almost necessary for groups, it's GREAT!
  • Interchangeable Glass Mouthpieces, comes with extra mouthpieces, easily attaches to the whip.
  • Auto shut off timer with 2 or 4 hour setting.
  • Insulated Dual Wall Stainless Steel Housing insulated with safe non toxic food safe insulation.  The unit is cool to touch.
  • FULL control of your unit via remote, Power On/Off, Lights On/Off, 3 Speed Fan, 2 and 4 hour timer, Beep On/Off, Temp Up, Temp Down and 9 Pre-Set Temperatures.
  • MULTI Purpose, it's a Steamer, Potpourri Warmer, Essential Oils Diffuser, Vaporizer and Aromatherapy Device.
  • Digital LCD Display, the Control Panel of the system shows Set Temp and Actual Temp, Fan Speed, Timer, displays Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • THREE Speed Fan.
  • Swivel action GLASS, the whip rotates making using the whip so much more convenient.
  • 110/ 220 Volt for Worldwide Use, UL and International Safety Standards Met and Approved.


  • (1) Extreme Q Vaporizer - Newest Version
  • (1) Remote Control
  • (2) Balloons
  • (1) Mini Whip for Balloons
  • (1) Three Foot Long Whip
  • (2) Extra Interchangeable Mouthpiece
  • (1) Potpourri Dish
  • (2) Cyclone Bowls
  • (1) Glass Stirring Tool
  • (2) Extra Screens
  • (1) Power Cord 100 - 240 volt
  • Instructions



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