Vaping Hardware & Accessories

Vaping hardware and accessories including starter kits, mods, tanks, atomizer coils, wire, cotton, batteries, chargers, coil building kits, cases and empty dropper bottles

Aerospaced 2.5" (63mm) 4 Piece Grinder / Sifter

This 4 piece Aluminum grinder with sifter delivers a consistent and distinctive pattern that is ideal for filtering unwanted material from the end-grind. Made in USA.  FEATURES 4 Piece Grinder...

$34.99 CAD
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Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Balloon (6 pack)

Includes: 6 food grade bags/balloons. Note: Glass mouthpieces NOT included.

$14.99 CAD

Groove 4 Piece Grinder - 2.0" (50mm) by Aerospaced

Featuring innovative coaxial turbine technology, Groove by Aerospaced has changed the nature of grinders as we know them. Through its proprietary design, Groove requires minimal material preparation and delivers a...

$34.99 CAD
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MIGVAPOR Brain Fogger Replacement Coils

Replacement coil (Type B) for the Brain Fogger Vaporizer Attachment.  For use with sub ohm battery Ceramic dual stacked coils for concentrates Exposed Coils Baking watts 10-12 watts mod (MR...

$15.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Armor Metal Dome

MIG VAPOR worked for months developing a top that would be accident proof. We believe in customizing you vapes here at Mig Vapor too. So after trying many metals we developed...

$15.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Replacement Coil/Base (Black)

Sub-Herb Vaporizer Replacement Coil and Base Replacement Coil and Base for the Sub-Herb Vaporizer can be used with a sub ohm battery. It features a wattage range of 19-27w for...

$17.49 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Replacement Mesh Screen

When vaping with the Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vaporizer, you're going to need replacement mesh screens in time. They keep the chamber nice and clean, allowing you to eliminate rank residue...

$7.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Replacement Mouthpiece

Includes: Sub Herb Replacement Spring and plate Mouthpiece assembly together

$14.99 CAD

Randy's 510 Threaded Pen Style Battery (380mAh)

A slim 380 mAh 510 Battery for portable use with thick oil atomizers. Three variable voltage settings (2.8V, 3.3V, 3.8V) for a wide range of vapor control. A 12 second...

$9.99 CAD

Vivant DAbox Replacement Coils (4/PK)

The Vivant Dabox Dual Quartz Coil is an Original (OEM) replacement coil for your DAbOX vaporizer. Featuring Dual Quartz Rods providing a good balance of flavor and vapor. Get extras...

$16.95 CAD

Vivant DAbox Silicone Splash Guard Cover

The Vivant Dabox Silicone Splash Guard cover is an Original (OEM) replacement part for your DAbOX vaporizer. It stops material from splashing up in to the glass chamber. Get extras...

$1.25 CAD
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Vivant DAbox Water Filter

Vivant specially designed this portable glass water filter to take the performance of the DABOX to the next level. You will experience significantly smoother and cleaner hits than ever before...

$29.95 CAD
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