Traveller's Finest

Southern Seas (Traveller's Finest)

Imagine arriving at the coast of Turkey and smelling the finest, aromatic; Turkish tobacco after being sun-cured for weeks. We have combined it with ripe fig and topped with light...

$19.99 CAD

Prairie Blend (Traveller's Finest)

Occasionally one needs to sit in the grass fields of the prairies to experience the bliss of simplicity. The finest mix of bright leaf, burley and shade tobaccos. Specifications: Manufacturer...

$19.99 CAD

Sahara (Traveller's Finest)

In the driest days of the Sahara, a cool breeze can come a long way. Light kretek style clove tobacco provides a unique fresh spice; combined with light notes of...

$19.99 CAD

Royal Oak (Traveller's Finest)

A luxury like this was created for kings and queens with a selective taste. Rich cherry oakwood cigar with a slight hint of vanilla and a brandy tip. Specifications: Manufacturer...

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