Nitecore NEW i4 Intellicharger

The Nitecore NEW i4 Intellicharger (2017 Version) is a four-bay universal, automatic smart-charger compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries thus eliminating the need to own several chargers. The i4 is able...

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Nitecore Q2 Quick Charger

Nitecore Q2 is a new revolutionary 2A Quick Charger for IMR batteries with 2 slots and a 2000mA max output current. It charges 2 Li-ion batteries independently and is up...

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Nitecore UMS4 3A Smart Charger

Smart Charging At Its Best The Nitecore UMS4 Charger is a four-slot smart charger with intuitive features and intelligent charging programs. The QC input of the UMS4 allows for a maximum output...

$49.99 CAD

Nitecore Q4 Quick Charger

The Nitecore Q4 2A Quick Universal Battery Charger is an intelligent charger capable of producing a 2000mAh (2A) charging output with accurate and consistent battery monitoring. The Nitecore Q4 is fast charging...

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Nitecore UM4 Intelligent Charger 4 Slot

NITECORE is launching its brand-new UM4, which is a QC input available intelligent USB four-slot charger with a total max output of 3,000 mA and a single slot max output...

$44.99 CAD

Nitecore i8 Intellicharger

8-Bay Smart Charger An all-in-one battery charging station, the Nitecore i8 is a multi-slot intelligent charger that can handle up to 8 batteries at once! Each of the bays of...

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