MIGVAPOR Black Sub-Herb Tank

The new Black Sub-Herb vape tank is a one of a kind new and advanced dry herb and concentrate vaping device that is one of our hottest sellers.Improvements include: Improved...

$44.99 CAD

Migvapor Herb-E Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer

From the same company that brought us the Sub Herb Tank, and the Brain Fogger, comes a nice entry level, compact cannabis vaporizer for someone looking to switch from combustion...

$59.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Brain Fogger

The Brain Fogger wax pen atomizer offers unprecedented performance and control in the world of vaping concentrates. With our new Reverse Stacked Coil design, it will melt the concentrates on the...

$39.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Replacement Mesh Screen

When vaping with the Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vaporizer, you're going to need replacement mesh screens in time. They keep the chamber nice and clean, allowing you to eliminate rank residue...

$7.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Brain Fogger Replacement Coils

Replacement coil (Type B) for the Brain Fogger Vaporizer Attachment.  For use with sub ohm battery Ceramic dual stacked coils for concentrates Exposed Coils Baking watts 10-12 watts mod (MR...

$15.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Replacement Mouthpiece

Includes: Sub Herb Replacement Spring and plate Mouthpiece assembly together

$14.99 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Replacement Coil/Base (Black)

Sub-Herb Vaporizer Replacement Coil and Base Replacement Coil and Base for the Sub-Herb Vaporizer can be used with a sub ohm battery. It features a wattage range of 19-27w for...

$17.49 CAD

MIGVAPOR Sub-Herb Armor Metal Dome

MIG VAPOR worked for months developing a top that would be accident proof. We believe in customizing you vapes here at Mig Vapor too. So after trying many metals we developed...

$15.99 CAD



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