High Roller Sweets

Based in Azusa, California, High Roller Sweets was founded by vaping enthusiast Nicholas Bautista in 2013.  

Inspired by a combination of his love for card games, gambling, life’s little luxuries, and his culinary background in the dessert trade, Nick created High Roller Sweets because he was bored with the other juices on the market at the time.  He somehow managed to roll all of that into one product, in theme, flavor, and quality.

Using only the best, US-sourced ingredients available on the market today, High Roller Sweets strives for perfection, believing that the e-liquid experience should be enjoyable and indulgent from the moment you hold and open the packaging until you vape the very last drop.

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Hold 'Em (High Roller Sweets)

A personal favorite of one of the founders of High Roller Sweets, this blend was created to bring back one of the fondest memories. A yellow cake layered with praline ice...

$29.99 CAD

Texas Dollie (High Roller Sweets)

Inspired to make a new flavor for the new season, Texas Dollie combines raspberry with yellow cake and hints of piecrust, combining into a savory, creamy-rich blend to share or...

$29.99 CAD
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