Five Pawns Blue

The Five Pawns Blue Artisan Sea Salt Flavor Blends:

These are NOT nicotine salt formulations.

Five Pawns has long been known as a flavor company. One that has pushed boundaries in providing unique, sophisticated, adult, and complex flavor blends. Flavor blends intended to create experience, invoke emotion, and make one think. We’re going to make you think once again...

Artisan sea salts enhance flavor and provide an additional layer of flavor complexity. Think about it… A pinch of sea salt on a steak, potato chips, edamame, melon, chocolate, caramel, and even coffee makes it taste that much better. These flavor blends stem back to early Five Pawns roots yet we’re able to offer them in higher VG ratios due to the use of flavor ingredients being enhanced with artisan sea salts.

Sea salted flavor blends are coming from Five Pawns and you're about to experience something different in your e-liquid. You’ll taste it in the vapor, you’ll taste it on your lips, and you’ll taste it on your tongue…

Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg tobacco derived nicotine strengths. All in 70%VG / 30%PG.

Five Pawns BLUE Value Pack

This value pack contains all three (3) of the eJuices in the new BLUE line from Five Pawns in 70VG/30PG. Includes: 1 x Lasker's Rule (60ml)1 x Magnus (60ml) 1 x Tabiya (60ml) Specifications: Manufacturer Five Pawns...

$59.99 CAD
$119.97 CAD

Lasker's Rule - Blue Line (Five Pawns)

Baked and ripple cut potato chips are dipped and covered with creamy, decadent milk chocolate and sprinkled with artisan sea salt. This sweet and savory combination takes a page from...

$19.99 CAD
$39.99 CAD

Magnus - Blue Line (Five Pawns)

The dessert apple for adults. Imagine a tart green apple on a stick that has been dipped in thick, rich, creamy caramel, rolled in crushed peanuts, and sprinkled with artisan...

$19.99 CAD
$39.99 CAD

Tabiya - Blue Line (Five Pawns)

Juicy, ripe, and green honeydew melon that has been sprinkled with artisan sea salt and garnished with fresh mint leaves. Fruity, fresh, and slightly salty flavor notes make up this...

$19.99 CAD
$39.99 CAD



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