Evo (By Halo)

Backwoods Blueberry (Evo)

This wild blueberry E-juice is one of eVo’s best-selling products for a reason. With a smooth, natural blueberry flavor and no lingering aftertaste, you’ll find that eVo’s Backwoods Blueberry will...

$21.99 CAD

Cryptic Blast (Evo)

Every now and again, you experience an e-liquid too good to divulge. Brace your palate for a barrage of sweet and tart delight. A thrilling assortment of exotic, ripe and...

$21.99 CAD

Spearmint (eVo)

A refreshingly pure e-liquid blend offering the crisp clean flavor of natural spearmint. Designed to be vaped all day long, this delicious spearmint blend offers the perfect balance of sweetness...

$21.99 CAD

Wild Watermelon (eVo)

Get a taste of summer any time of year with the delightfully sweet taste of Wild Watermelon. We’ve taken the delicious taste of ripe, red Watermelon and turned it into...

$21.99 CAD



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