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Vader Puddin (MLV)

This a beautiful creamy Vanilla Custard Pudding; sweet, smooth and oh!-- so satisfying. Darth Vader says you will love it, or else. Our Thoughts: Vader Puddin is simply one of...

$15.95 CAD

Prelude (Black Note)

Airy and bright Virginia tobacco (30 ml) Virginia tobacco sets the stage for the light, bright and naturally sweet taste of Prelude. Grown in the sandy soils surrounding the Italian...

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Solo (Black Note)

Minty and crisp menthol blend (30 ml) Real Virginia tobacco is flue-cured then overlaid with a menthol extract derived from genuine mint leaves. The result is a fresh, crisp, mellow...

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Menage A Trois (Liquid eJuice)

The perfect threesome… Strawberries… Custard… and Cinnamon… C’est La Vie! Specifications: Manufacturer Liquid eJuice Formula Undisclosed pg/vg blend with maximum VG Size 30ml (Sample size not available for this brand) Manufacturer's...

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$24.99 CAD

Loop Hole (Vapor North)

A familiar family favourite, Loop Hole is a perfect recreation of a fruity loop cereal! It has a sweet fruity intake without the harsh citrus of other types, and a...

$8.00 CAD
$16.99 CAD

The Original Cannoli (The Original Cannoli)

An updated take on the classic cannoli bursts with the essence of a rich vanilla cream filling. Specifications: Manufacturer The Original Cannoli Formula MAX VG Size 30ml

$19.99 CAD

Loose Canon (Rope Cut)

Let yourself loose with this skillful blend of nuts and tobacco, rounded out with a creamy caramel flavour. Specifications: Manufacturer Rope Cut Formula 70/30 VG/PG Size 30ml

$19.99 CAD

Equalizer (Electric Lotus)

This lemon meringue, crème brûlée cheesecake is perfectly balanced with candied coconut, sweet Boston cream, and rich banana cream for a smooth and silky vape that is equal parts decadent...

$12.49 CAD
$24.99 CAD

Kanzi (Twelve Monkeys)

A Primate with a sweet tooth; Kanzi has a taste for only the best candy flavours. This fusion of strawberries, watermelon and a hint of kiwi is sure to please...

From $19.99 CAD

Matata (Twelve Monkeys)

Matata raised Kanzi and knows a thing or two about delicious fruity vapes. Big, bold grape on the inhale, followed by a smooth, ripe apple exhale. This bright and succulent...

From $19.99 CAD

Dark Thirty (Rope Cut)

A rich blend of raisin and plum tobacco with a hint of rum, it will leave your palate with a feeling of refinement and delight. Specifications: Manufacturer Rope Cut Formula...

$19.99 CAD

Skipper (Rope Cut)

Very smooth and very creamy, this classic custard tobacco flavor blend is the perfect balance and delicious. Specifications: Manufacturer Rope Cut Formula 70/30 VG/PG Size 30ml

$19.99 CAD

Alpine Frost (Kind Juice)

Step into the blizzard with refreshing, stimulating, and exhilarating organic menthol. PLEASE NOTE:  It is recommended that you leave the cap off the bottle for 24-48 hours prior to use in...

From $18.99 CAD

Frequency (Electric Lotus)

Frequency combines a lemon Danish, cinnamon churro, and buttery “Oreo” pie crust for a unique trifecta of flavor that will tune your taste buds to delicious. Specifications: Manufacturer Electric Lotus...

$12.49 CAD
$24.99 CAD

Once In A Blue Moon (Kind Juice)

A wonderful blend of the seasons first wild blueberry harvest. PLEASE NOTE:  It is recommended that you leave the cap off the bottle for 24-48 hours prior to use in order...

From $18.99 CAD

Melon Dive (Little Head Vapor)

By combining honeydew, cantaloupe, apricot, strawberries, and mangos, Melon dive will have you craving the sweet nectar all day. Specifications: Manufacturer Little Head Vapor Formula 50/50 VG/PG Size 30ml

$12.49 CAD
$24.99 CAD

Vape Shakes - Strawberry Crumble (Twelve Monkeys)

Satisfy all of your dessert cravings! This refreshing strawberry rhubarb is complimented by sweet vanilla, creamy cheesecake, and finished off with graham cracker crumbs. Specifications: Manufacturer Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co....

$19.99 CAD

Tropika (Twelve Monkeys)

Inspired by their primal cousins to the south, Twelve Monkeys has crafted a perfect balance of exotic tropical fruits combined carefully to result in one of the most palate pleasing...

From $19.99 CAD

Dirty Strawberry (Broken Bottle)

Did somebody tell you that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are only for kids? If so, I pronounce that person RIDICULOUS. Now you can enjoy your PB&J like the grown...

$10.99 CAD
$21.99 CAD

Karma (7 Monks)

Chocolate glazed donut with peanuts. Specifications: Manufacturer 7 Monks Formula 70/30 VG/PG Size 30ml

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