Daily Deal

We are happy to introduce our new Daily Deal where you can get amazing discounts on the popular eJuices that we sell.  Be sure to check back daily as there is a new product on sale every day.

Mystic (Halo)

Mystic E-liquid offers a refreshing menthol e-liquid blend with a delightfully light sweetness and mixed mint undertones. With no underlying tobacco taste and a robust menthol effect, Mystic Menthol E-liquid...

$23.99 CAD
$28.99 CAD

Once In A Blue Moon (Kind Juice)

A wonderful blend of the seasons first wild blueberry harvest. PLEASE NOTE:  It is recommended that you leave the cap off the bottle for 24-48 hours prior to use in order...

From $18.99 CAD

Opulence (Chateau Noir)

Château Noir most reserved flavour: Butterscotch and graham with delightful custard under tons Barrel aged for 6 months in Cognac barrels from France. Specifications: Manufacturer Chateau Noir Formula 80/20 VG/PG...

$31.99 CAD

Rice Pudding (Dinner Lady)

Rice Pudding With Jam e-liquid is cooked to perfection. Velvety, sweet and creamy rice pudding with a tasty dollop of raspberry jam stirred through the finish. Specifications: Manufacturer Dinner Lady...

$34.99 CAD



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