Breakfast Blends

CK Serum Burrrberry (Cloud Kicker Society)

CK Serum Burrrberry has amazing layers of flavors packed into it. Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, topped with blueberries. Yeah, we know. We're going through loads of this...

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Crunch (Breakfast at Teleos)

The first in our Breakfast at Teleos line, CRUNCH pays homage to two of our favorite things: a cereal by a certain captain and dessert legend - the krispy treat....

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Grandmaster (Five Pawns)

Smooth creamy peanut butter with banana cream and balanced with velvety caramel. Buttery and smooth with a medium bodied throat hit. Our Thoughts: Grandmaster is an extremely complex layered vape...

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Loop Hole (Vapor North)

A familiar family favourite, Loop Hole is a perfect recreation of a fruity loop cereal! It has a sweet fruity intake without the harsh citrus of other types, and a...

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Morning (Slam Cake Vapes)

Feeling nostalgic? Enjoy the most real rendition of your favourite fruity cereal and feel free to take the bowl with you PLEASE NOTE:  Bottle is a 30ml Glass Bottle and...

$24.99 CAD

O-RangZ (Twelve Monkeys)

Tired of foraging for food during the drowsy morning dew, Twelve Monkeys developed the perfect breakfast to ease the morning blues. A careful marriage of lemony fruits accented by wheaty...

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Pebbles (Glas)

A sophisticated dessert blend of fruit cereal and macaroon, Pebbles boasts a powerful balance of creamy and fruit flavour with a sweet vanilla crisp on the exhale. Specifications: Manufacturer Glas...

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Police Man (One Hit Wonder)

With a delicious combination of marshmallow cereal sitting atop a freshly baked glazed donut, Police Man is ready for duty. 1 x 6 oz. (180mL) squeeze bottle 2 x empty...

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Remix (Electric Lotus)

Remix stacks a blueberry Belgium waffle with Dutch apples, glazed in a cinnamon brown sugar and topped with hints of Bavarian cream, maple syrup, and whipped cream. This new spin...

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Vape Flakes (Breakfast Club)

Sugar-coated flakes soaked in fresh whole milk and creates a decadent spoonful of semi-crunchy goodness. Specifications: Manufacturer Breakfast Club Formula HIGH VG Size 30ml

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$25.99 CAD

Wahoo (Naked Fish)

A fruity cereal and light vanilla cream blend that is as complex as it is delicious. Specifications: Manufacturer Naked Fish Formula 71/29 VG/PG Size 50ml  

$29.99 CAD

Wahoo - Collectors Edition (Naked Fish)

A fruity cereal and light vanilla cream blend that is as complex as it is delicious. INFO ABOUT THE NAKED FISH COLLECTORS EDITIONThis product was formulated very different than anything...

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