BO Vaping eJuice BO Caps (BO Vaping)
BO Vaping eJuice BO Caps (BO Vaping)
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BO Caps (BO Vaping)

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These are the Pre-filled BO Caps (i.e. Pods) for both the BO One and BO Plus.

All pods are covered under our exclusive defective pod guarantee

Each pack comes with three (3) pre-filled BO Caps with one of the following eJuices:

  • Breezy Mint (24 mg/ml -Regular Freebase Nicotine)
  • Creamy Custard (20 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • Coco Bourbon (20 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • VCT (12 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • Le Patriote (Straight Tobacco) - (20 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • Fruit Punch (14 mg/ml - Regular Freebase Nicotine)
  • Cola (12 mg/ml - Regular Freebase Nicotine)
  • Cafe Vanilla (20 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • Ice Breaker (20 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • Salted Dragon Slayer (20 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • Secuto (20 mg/ml - Salt Nicotine)
  • Heisenberg (12 mg/ml - Regular Freebase Nicotine)
  • Apple Tobacco (20 mg/ml Salt Nicotine)

PLEASE NOTE:  BO Caps are non-refillable


Many of the pre-filled BO Caps use Salt Nicotine.  Salt nicotine based eJuices contain significantly higher levels of nicotine per millilitre compared to the standard freebase nicotine and should not be allowed to come into contact with skin when filling or cleaning your tank / pod. If salt nicotine eLiquids come into contact with your skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and contact your doctor if any persistent irritation occurs. If you should happen to get salt nicotine eJuice in your mouth, rinse your mouth for at least 3 minutes and contact your doctor if any persistent irritation occurs. It is normal to feel a burning sensation when salt nicotine comes into contact with your skin or tongue. It is therefore highly recommended that you have a beverage or water close by should you need it whenever vaping a salt nicotine eJuice.


Manufacturer BO Vaping
Size 1.5ml per BO Cap



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