Delicious Beverage eJuices

This collection is comprised of some of the very best coffee, tea, spirits, cocktail, soda and fruit juice eLiquids available on the market today.

Castle Long (Five Pawns)

Our non-barrel aged version is a combination of the dark, refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon, accented with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean, and laced with a caramelized brown...

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Castle Long Reserve - 2017 Edition (Five Pawns)


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Journey (Lazarus Vintage)

Rolled in cognac and glazed with but­ter­milk, this warm and sweet fla­vor is reserved for only the most exclu­sive cig­ars of the world. Mas­ter Chef Bruce has embold­ened the essence...

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Belgian Cocoa (Halo)

Our Belgian Cocoa E-liquid blend offers a robust flavor backed by a good throat hit and great vapor production. With dry cocoa undertones and a sweet chocolate top note, this...

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Bowden's Mate (Five Pawns)

Crisp mint with subtle chocolate undertones and a French vanilla finish. Delicate yet soft with a refreshing tingle and medium to full bodied throat hit. Our Thoughts: Bowden's Mate eJuice...

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Enigma (Perfect Steep)

NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION AS OF JANUARY 1, 2018 Oak aged Kentucky Bourbon with a smooth splash of brown sugar sweetened vanilla, accented by a harmonious blend of coconut and...

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Cafe Mocha (Halo)

Cafe Mocha E-liquid offers a full-flavored blend, perfect for those seeking a gourmet coffee flavored e-liquid. Built on a robust Cappuccino base, our unique Cafe Mocha E-liquid blend is layered...

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Aroma (DeBosch)

Satisfy your senses with a refreshingly smooth, sweetened vanilla chased with a hint of aromatic chai. Specifications: Manufacturer DeBosch Formula 70/30 VG/PG Size 30ml / 60ml

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Morning (Chateau Noir)

Light roasted coffee with hints of hazelnut and sweet creams, topped with a dash of baileys. Specifications: Manufacturer Chateau Noir Formula 80/20 VG/PG Size 30ml / 60ml

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Trinity Reserve (Lazarus Vintage)

Per­haps one of the most incred­i­ble won­ders, Trin­ity is com­posed of silky smooth bour­bon that has been slowly lay­ered in roasted nuts. The crème of this cap­ti­vat­ing fla­vor has quickly...

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Golden Ticket (MET4 Vapor)

Golden Ticket by Met4 Vapors is the ultimate recreation of chocolate milk. Smooth, delectable and utterly delicious, Golden Ticket is perfectly balanced, with the incredible interplay of fresh, creamy milk...

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Crank (XO Luxury Estates)

An elegant delight, this cappuccino is far from traditional. The delicious blend of silky caramel, hazelnut and fresh cream will leave you craving more. Specifications: Manufacturer XO Luxury Estates Formula...

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Opulence (Chateau Noir)

Château Noir most reserved flavour: Butterscotch and graham with delightful custard under tons Barrel aged for 6 months in Cognac barrels from France. Specifications: Manufacturer Chateau Noir Formula 80/20 VG/PG...

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Gold Cutie (DeBosch)

A delectable blend of rich and creamy vanilla with a hit of cinnamon for that perfect balance. Our tribute to the delicious and popular drink Horchata. Specifications: Manufacturer DeBosch Formula...

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Smooth (P. Quenneville)

Toffee cream and hazelnuts topped with madagascar french vanilla. Pre-steeped for one week with hazelnut coffee beans with a hazelnut coffee bean in each bottle for extra flavour. Specifications: Manufacturer...

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Ten Fifteen (Chateau Noir)

This dark roast is served with Bavarian cream and topped with shavings of dark chocolate. Specifications: Manufacturer Chateau Noir Formula 80/20 VG/PG Size 30ml / 60ml

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Cleopatra (Lazarus Vintage)

An exotic blend of Greek and Egyptian flavors, the mixture of pink champagne and hypnotic fruits seduce you like the beauty that captured the heart of Julius Caesar. The ageless...

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Sir James XO 1776 (Lazarus Vintage)

To say that Master Chef has taken the VSOP to a "sweeter, more maturely refined profile" would touch only part of the story behind this sensational elixir. The sweetness of...

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The Morning After (Project Boom Joose)

The Morning After.. boasts a deep, rich and European Mocha Latte flavor profile. Smooth with underlying creaminess and notes of chocolate, due to its specially blended mocha content and steeping...

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Reborn Spirit (Chateau Noir - Phase II)

Sweet caramel, hazelnut, mocha and vanilla whipped cream. Specifications: Manufacturer Chateau Noir (Phase II) Formula 80/20 VG/PG Size 60ml

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