Alien Visions E-Juice

 As new vapers we were underwhelmed by the selection of flavors and the quality of the flavors available to e-cigarette users. Many of the flavors we tried were only remotely close to what they advertised and some were altogether different. We wanted the snozberries to taste like snozberries and the tobaccos to taste like tobaccos.  It was easy to see that on one hand electronic cigarettes were working, and yet on the other hand we could also see where someone might fail due to the lack of realistic flavors. 

Boba's Bounty (Alien Visions E-juice)

How do you describe euphoria in a bottle? It’s a delicious blend of mystery and tobacco. Every one comes away with a different take on what Boba’s is, but almost...

$49.99 CAD

Gorilla Juice (Alien Visions E-juice)

The second most popular juice in the world - also by AlienVisions. This is more of a Banana Tobacco flavour. Also absolutely delicious. Tastes best after 1-2 weeks of steeping....

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