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Important news about Suicide Bunny, The Cloud Company and King's Crown eJuice Stock

Posted by Stuart Rosenfarb on

We have recently been informed by our distributor that they will no longer be distributing Suicide Bunny, Kings Crown or The Cloud Company eJuices in Canada.  While we look for a new distributor, we will no longer be receiving additional stock from any of these lines.  Once the current stock is gone, it's gone!  

If you are a fan of Mother's Milk, we have put together a list of great alternative eJuices below that are as good if not better than Mother's Milk.  We urge you to give them a try as you will most likely enjoy these more than Mother's Milk:

  1. Symmetry Six (Five Pawns)
  2. Unicorn Milk (Cuttwood Vapors)
  3. Duchess (Sovereign Premium)
  4. Arise (The Cloud Company)
  5. The Milk Man or My Man (One Hit Wonder)
  6. No. 5 (Beard Vape Co.)
  7. Milk (Glas)
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Ask the Experts

Posted by Stuart Rosenfarb on

We are very excited by the number of new vapers who have chosen to leave cigarettes behind and take-up a less harmful hobby.  For most new vapers, selecting the correct hardware and eJuices will be the primary factor in the speed and ease of transition from being a smoker to becoming a vaper.  In fact, choosing the wrong hardware and eJuice can be the determining factor in whether you make the transition at all.

Given that our mission is to help as many smokers as possible kick the habit, we will be using our blog for advice and Q&A.  If you have a question about hardware or eJuice or just need some recommendations, please feel free to post you question in the comments section of this blog.  We will do our best to answer your questions and provide the best advice possible.

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Will my eJuice survive the freezing cold weather?

Posted by Stuart Rosenfarb on

We have received many questions about the effects of the freezing cold weather on eJuice shipments that are left outside or in outdoor community mailboxes for hours at a time before they can be picked-up, and so I thought that I would take a moment to address this question through our blog.

Due to the PG content in most eJuices, eJuice will not freeze.  It will however get thicker and the ingredients may separate until the eJuice is warmed-up.  eJuices containing 100%VG may freeze if left outside for a while, but this does no harm to the eJuice.  Many people have frozen their eJuice to give it a longer shelf life without any negative affects (although we do not recommend or endorse this practice as we believe that fresh is best when it comes to eJuice).  Cold is actually better for eJuice than heat, so if your eJuice has been sitting outside in freezing weather, all you need to do is let it warm up for approximately 48 hours before you vape it so that it will flow properly into your wick.

Stuart Rosenfarb
Founder & CEO
Premium eJuice Samples


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Tell us about the brands that you'd like to see on our site

Posted by Stuart Rosenfarb on

Given that there are literally thousands of eJuice blends on the market with new brands and flavours popping-up every day, we really have our work cut out for us in assembling a catalogue of the top eJuice blends on the market. Ask you can guess, we are constantly looking for the top rated eJuices to evaluate and sell via our site which seems to be a never-ending process. We are anxious to hear from our community about the brands and blends that they would like to be able to obtain samples for on our site.  This will allow us to focus our efforts reviewing and featuring the eJuices that people are most interested in trying.  Please let us know what brands and/or blends you'd like to see on our site and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

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