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We are very excited by the number of new vapers who have chosen to leave cigarettes behind and take-up a less harmful hobby.  For most new vapers, selecting the correct hardware and eJuices will be the primary factor in the speed and ease of transition from being a smoker to becoming a vaper.  In fact, choosing the wrong hardware and eJuice can be the determining factor in whether you make the transition at all.

Given that our mission is to help as many smokers as possible kick the habit, we will be using our blog for advice and Q&A.  If you have a question about hardware or eJuice or just need some recommendations, please feel free to post you question in the comments section of this blog.  We will do our best to answer your questions and provide the best advice possible.

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  • Hi Cheryl. Yes, if you mix an eJuice with 6mg nicotine and an eJuice with 12mg nicotine, the nicotine strength of the resulting mix will be 9mg.

    Stuart R on
  • Question for you…

    If you have a flavour oil that is 12mg of nicotine and you take a 6mg one and blend the 2…will you end up with 9mg? Not a chemist, but thought that you would have to take a flavour oil that is 0mg and dilute the other to bring the mg’s down?

    Cheryl on
  • Hi Andrews. It is my belief that using eJuice that closely resembles the analog (i.e. real cigarette taste) will ease your transition from being a smoker to being a vaper. As time goes on and your eCigarette hardware gets more advanced (once you learn more about the various options out there for you) you will begin to cut down on the amount of nicotine you require and begin to enjoy the taste of non-tobacco flavoured eJuice more than the taste of tobacco. The real trick is finding an eJuice that you enjoy more than cigarettes. I quit on Dec 30, 2013 and haven’t had a single craving for a real cigarette since then due entirely to the high quality and very tasty eJuices that I was able to find. If you find the right eJuice, you will no longer crave cigarettes. You will find a large selection of the very best eJuices on our site. Our top 10 recommendations can be accessed via the main menu. Best of luck and lots of success with your move to vaping!

    Stuart R on
  • hi im changing from regular to e cigarrettes and i buy my ejuices at they sell real cigarrette flavors there, using real cigarrette flavors will help me to quit regular cigarrette or will increase the risk for me to go back to regular cigarrettes? im asking you guys because i see no difference between a real cigarrette and an ejuice from them, those taste exactly the same way what do you reccomend?

    andrews on

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